elevate your office space, decorate, organise, business

5 steps to elevate your office space

While funky office space might seem more suited to the creative sectors, offices across all types of businesses…

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top tips, free your business, small business

10 ways to free up your time

Everyone running a small business has his or her own goals. It doesn’t matter whether they want to grow…

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procrastination, distraction at work, top tip

5 ways to beat procrastination – right now

If you’re reading this during work hours, the chances are you’re putting off something you ought to be getting on with…

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How much could a day without your mobile phone cost your business?

If you’re running a small business, chances are your mobile phone is never far from your hand.

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mid-sized businesses, growth, UK

Growing pains for Britain’s mid-sized businesses

Ambitious though they are, the UK’s mid-sized businesses are being held back from significant growth in the immediate future by…

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location, based, apps, technology, retail, customer experience, customer service

How location technology is revolutionising business

Location-based technology has been around for a number years, yet businesses are constantly finding new…

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