What role will 4G play in re-inventing the workplace?

Whatever the type of business you’re running, we all strive to create the best environment for both financial and human gain – organisations and people working in better and healthier ways benefits us all. In these tough economic times, forward-thinking businesses realise that the most important innovations are a combination of both technological and better working practices.

Whether you work from a home-office, on a smartphone or tablet on the move, or in a large serviced office, the pace of change is hard to escape. Technology is changing what we know and how we talk to our customers, citizens and our employees. Their expectations have never been higher, demanding access to information and services at the touch of a button. 69% of our survey respondents say communication needs to be faster and more responsive. We are witnessing the latest data driven revolution in mobile which is enabling a more responsive and dynamic experience– the next big driver of which is 4G. Whenever we talk about 4G, we’re always asked, ‘what does it mean and will it make any sort of difference to my business?’

The first question is easy; 4G simply means the ‘fourth generation’ of mobile communication – essentially the next step in wireless broadband that is set to improve on the old 3G signal we’re all familiar with. The second part of the question, ‘what difference will it make to my business?’ takes a little more explanation which we explore and debate in this report, with insights and case studies from business leaders and organisations from across the private and public sector.

Our expert contributors share their thoughts on flexible working and, mobile data and the application of 4G. They also explore in this new era ‘age of me’ how smart businesses are staying ahead of the competition, collaborating and using this wealth of new data available to enable real time responses and analysis to support the services the ‘me first’ generation expect. Our research, conducted with 554 organisational leaders across UK PLC, uncovered some fascinating insights into the world of work. For instance, 89% (public sector) say flexible working would benefit their organisation.

Nearly a third believe 4G can significantly enhance the flexible working experience. Over half feel 4G will benefit their organisation, with one in five describing the benefit as significant. 41% plan to adopt 4G by the end of 2013. However, an alarming number feel that today’s under-delivering technologies are hindering adoption. This report draws on expert opinion and insight to give you the information you need to make the decisions that will help you deliver in me first era.

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Insights from Katharine Pooley, Founder and Managing Director, Katharine Pooley London

Insights from Nicola Rabson, Partner, Linklaters

Insights from Tom Ball, founder of NearDesk