A round table discussion on managing your online persona

Restaurant entrepreneur Mark Sands, owner of Lowcountry Bar and Eating, photographer Victoria Cadisch, recruitment consultant Lucy Salmon of Major Players and social media expert and CEO of CubeSocial, Linda Cheung share their insights, experiences, and discuss the role social media plays for them in business and top tips on managing their personal and professional profiles.


Our panelists top tips

1. The old rules of PR and marketing are gone. Accept that social media means that you can no longer control the message… you can influence it though.

2. When managing both personal and business social media profiles ensure that you always keep the tone and content professional.

3. Be aware of how others will view you. If your ideal client was looking for your product/service, would your profiles encourage them to approach you?

4. Remember that whoever is behind the social media account represents your business brand. If they do a poor job, your entire company looks bad.

5. When people meet you or hear about your business they do go and search you on Google, so think about your ‘digital footprint’ and what people can find out

For more top tips download ‘Brilliant at the Basics of Social Media’ here

  • Jade

    All sound advice. Particularly important is the use of the word ‘influence’ for those wondering how social media really benefits their business when they aren’t seeing sales as a direct result.

  • Mohamed

    Great discussion with loads of experience. In my MBA thesis, I looked at how the mobile operators of the UK are using the social media, especially Facebook, to engage with their customers. The research showed that the companies are using Facebook as a tool to involve and engage with their customers.
    Facebook as an example is a fast way to reach out to customers and establish a dialogue and relationship. By being active on Facebook a company can learn much about its customers and their preferences and needs.
    I would love to share the research with anyone who is interested.

  • Fantastic discussion about social media and in just over 4 minutes! I get what Victoria is saying, being connected with your competitors is not a bad thing. Some businesses actually avoid social media for fear of being exposed to their competitors. But then, social media is really a place to share and it can work, even for competitors. Like Victoria mentioned, there were cases her competitors even referred clients they couldn’t take to her business. What a wonderful world social media can be! 🙂