Fife Council Mobile working increases productivity by 20%

Just how has one of Scotland’s largest local government authorities digitised to enable…

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M2M: How local councils can cut costs

New research by ComRes for Vodafone UK shows that 67 per cent of urban councillors are not aware of Machine-to-Machine…

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Getting ready for change in a fast-moving market

Ten years ago, major change in business – be it to the corporate identity, strategy, working practices or physical location…

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Building a culture of readiness within the public sector

The public sector is in a state of flux. Budgets are being challenged yet citizens are…

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Open data: Bridging the digital skills gap

Many people have set their sights on 2020 as a year the world comes to terms with the digital revolution…

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How Amazon simplified customer experience

Amazon revolutionised the book world forever changing the way we can buy books. For many consumers it is now the place to purchase…

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